Project Description

Elven Pendant

Julia reached out to us with a request to print out a pendant for a special occasion. Her requirements were simple, the pendant needed to look gorgeous, it needed to be made out of a precious metal, and it needed to be cost effective. We suggested making it out of pure silver as it’s a shiny beautiful material and it won’t break the bank. Julia sent us a 3d file to print from but it had some geometry issues, once we fixed the thin walls, combined all the shells together, and cleaned up the model, we were ready to go. We printed the part using the Lost-Wax Printing and Casting technique using the pure silver material. Once the product was printed, casted, and solidified, we hand polished it, packaged it and delivered it to Julia. The final product ended up looking great and Julia became another satisfied customer.

Skills Needed

3D Modelling
3D Printing

Final Product

We loved the way the pendant came out! The pure silver was hand polished and the shiny surface with it’s smooth curves allows the light to shine and sparkle, exactly what you want when wearing a piece of jewelry on your neck.

“I love it! This was a special gift for my grandmother’s birthday and it come out perfect! Thank you so much!”

Julia T.