Project Description

Valkyrie Earrings

Katie from Gifts for The Girlfriend, a jewelry and gift business, reached out to us to help her design and make her next product, a special set of earrings based on a video game character. She provided us with a description of what she was looking for, a general size requirement for the earring, and a few different material preferences. Together we sketched out a design that Katie was happy with and also met our manufacturing requirements. Once we had a sketch to work from, we created, and with Katie’s feedback, refined a 3d model that we would use for 3d printing. At the completion of the model, we created a few renders for Katie for her product page and commenced 3d printing the earrings. Katie has chosen to use Pure Silver for her first set which made it a perfect fit for our Lost Wax Casting method.

Skills Needed

3D Modelling
3D Printing


We sat down with Katie to go over some sketches we’ve put together for her. After some adjustments and revisions we came up with the final sketch to be used in our creation of the 3D model for prototyping and manufacturing.

3D Model

After the final version of a sketch was chosen, we created a 3D model for Katie using our state of the art CAD package. The resulting model is perfect to be used for 3D printing and high quantity manufacturing.


Before moving onto the prototyping stage, we created high end image renderings of the earring for Katie, which she used to pick the manufacturing material.

Finished Product

We loved the way the earrings came out! The pure silver which Katie picked, was hand polished and the shiny surface with it’s smooth curves allows the light to shine and sparkle, exactly what Katie was looking for in her new product line.

“Sivak Solutions helped me design a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. Artem took my idea of creating earrings based off of a video game character, and his design not only reflected the character, but they also look so classy! I could not have been more impressed with his design skill and communication. I will certainly be working with Sivak Solutions more in the future to expand my growing jewelry business.”

Katie Lannan, Business Owner, Gifts For Girlfriend